E-commerce based website where we optimized their website to target audiences searching for specific products through SEO and captured emails to later retarget those warm leads.


Increased Optistyle’s Sales and traffic through organic traffic, & optimizing their website.

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Optistyles SEO Growth


at Optistyle we have successfully implemented an SEO marketing strategy, and the results are clear – a dramatic increase in organic sales and traffic! As the screenshot above shows, this strategy has paid off in a big way. With more visibility to their products online.

SEO Strategy

The website had many errors after running an SEO audit such as broken links, slow page speed, and more. Fixing these helped the keywords they were naturally ranking for increase. We then worked on On-page optimization after keyword research to target the keyword with the best volume for a targeted audience interested in their services.

Product Description

We made sure to implement a product description for every product that is focused on ranking based on our keyword research. We made sure to target commercial keywords that were high in volume and low in competition and were related to the product they were selling. This helped them rank quickly and effectively to get their product out there.

Product Categories

We created categories based off of our keyword research to find a targeted audience searching for certain products. This helped showcase a lot of their products in one page to people who were interested. We made sure to add content on the category page about the product, frequently asked questions, and fun facts to help further inform the customer.


Overall Optistyles has seen great success since implementing our SEO strategy. They grew in traffic, and it helped increase their overall sales online.

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