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Optical Academy

We’ve optimized their website and launched an effective SEO campaign.


Increased Optical Academy’s Leads and traffic through organic traffic, & optimizing their website.

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    Optical Academy

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Optical Academy Organic Growth


We’ve implemented an SEO marketing strategy that helped increase Optical Academy’s Leads and traffic through organic traffic. They are the nation’s leading mobile eye care and eyewear provider. You can see the screenshot above that showcases the amount of organic growth they received.

Created Clear CTA (Call-To-Action)

Most business websites do not showcase a clear call to action for their visitors. Such as a call button, or getting a quote. We implemented forms and clear call-to-actions which naturally boosted their leads without even working on a marketing strategy yet.

SEO Strategy

The website had many errors after running an SEO audit such as broken links, slow page speed, and more. Fixing these helped the keywords they were naturally ranking for increase. We then worked on On-page optimization after keyword research to target the keyword with the best volume for a targeted audience interested in their services.

We increased brand relevancy by collaborating with relevant websites, creating backlinks and promotions through partnered events. This helped increase the overall volume for “Optical Academy” as well. We also had a backlink outreach strategy for niches similar to theirs, which helped as well.


Overall Optical Academy has seen great success since implementing our SEO strategy. They grew in traffic, and their brand is stronger than ever. 

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